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Mediavox has helped PEG access centers meet community media needs for almost forty years. 

     With Greg EplerWood's deep background in film, video, studio television, education, surveying, group facilitation and managing PEG Access, you'll be empowered with the facts, documentation and knowledge you need to get your staff, board and volunteers all on the same page as you improve and expand your services.

. . .we will help you identify how your goals and objectives translate to the technology, training, programs and staffing you'll need to meet those needs. 

     MediaVox uses surveys, interviews, focus groups and other techniques to help you gauge the needs of your community.              Then . . .


     MediaVox monitors our field for legislative, legal and regulatory changes that may affect your organization, and advise how you can meet the challenges.

     Whether prepping for contract negotiations with the cable operator, or simply strategic planning to advance your Access Center, we're here to help..

Time for some strategic planning?


  • Free initial consultation & proposal
  • Survey Designs: Informal & Statistically Valid
  • Community Leadership Interviews
  • Sector Group Meetings & Focus Groups
  • Multi-year Budget Projections
  • Goals & Objectives Identification
  • Cable Operator Contract Negotiations



Community Media for the Public Good